About the book

In all good bike shops or directly from us online.   

With over 40 locations and maps this guide book has been a mammoth undertaking.  But it’s all here DH, FR, DJ, 4X, XC, long distance trails or even BMX track listings the whole of WA is here. If you bike has knobbly tyres this book will help you find the MTB trails quickly armed with all the info you need.

Some info contained in the 225+ colour pages of the book:

How to buy

Most good bicycle shops in WA should carry stock as we are going through a very big distributor who deals with most shops, if not the distributor they can contact is Zebra Sales and Marketing (Simon Coates)

Books shops such as Boffins in the city, Fremantle Chart and Map shop or some tourist info centres such as:
Kalamunda (Zig Zag)
Valley of the Giants (Walpole)
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (Augusta)
Margaret River

If you want to buy online they you're at the right place! You can pay using your credit card or paypal.

If you’re still struggling it might help is you know the ISBN number of the book which is: 978-0-9944899-0-6